Home Buyers

Successfully buying a house in Boise can be complicated. Our buyer clients benefit from our service, relationships and background.

We are sure you want to have an excellent experience. As REALTORS®, WE CAN HELP!

Because we are REALTORS®, you enjoy a wider exposure to homes for sale. Our experience in the real estate community enables us to tap into highly productive and extensive network including the Multiple Listing Service®.

Here’s what we will do for you:

  • LISTEN - We'll talk about what you're looking for in your new home. We’ll learn a little about your tastes, your lifestyle and your preferences; before we start looking.

  • SEARCH - We'll use all of the search tools at our disposal to find homes for sale that match your criteria.

  • PREVIEW - When possible, we'll make the most of your time by touring properties before you see them to make sure they match your taste and lifestyle.

  • SCHEDULE - We'll make the most of your time and set up appointments for us to view properties that are the best candidates for your next home.

  • RESEARCH - We’ll find out what a fair asking price is for any property you select by researching area home sales and the market-at-large.

  • ADVISE - We’ll advise you and help guide you through the entire decision making process. We’ll also coordinate and help you find additional resources like appraisers, inspectors and more!

  • REPRESENT - We’ll contact the seller or the seller’s agent for you and represent your best interests when dealing with them.

  • NEGOTIATE - Once we find the right home, we’ll help you negotiate so you can also get the best price, terms, conditions.

  • COMMUNICATE - From the first day of our search until closing, we’ll keep you posted; every step of the way.

  • SATISFY - It’s our job to find the right home for you, at the right price. Our goal is to make your transaction as stress-free as possible so that you can enjoy the experience of what lies ahead.